The Queen Elizabeth II Prize for Engineering

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering is a global £1 million prize that celebrates the engineers responsible for a ground-breaking innovation that has been of global benefit to humanity. The objective of the QEPrize is to raise the public profile of engineering and to inspire young people to become engineers. It has been an incredible honour to be part of this great initiative by being part of the Trophy Design judging panel and attending the first awards ceremony last year. Nominations are now open for 2015

Institute of Engineering & Technology Engineering Ambassador

My first official engagement as Young Woman Engineer of the Year Winner will always be one of my claims to fame. I was invited by the IET First Lego League (FLL) organisers to be part of the UK National finals of the First Lego League competition in Loughborough.There was an amazing buzz in the venue-from gangnam style dancing to presentations; loads of Lego robots working away and teams working hard to perfect the seamless operation of their robots. Since then it has been a pleasure to give talks in schools and to groups on the thrills of Engineering.

Talking 'Global Challenges' in London

Last year, the first ever Global Grand Challenges Summit was held in London and my word, it was an extremely enlightening two days! I did a countdown to the event, extremely excited about the fact that it would bring students, forward thinkers, innovators, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs (and more) from the U.S. China, the U.K and Africa to one location and under one roof. I joined three super cool trailblazers in the final session and we shared thoughts on how the grand challenges agenda can be used to drive change in the future.;;


Talking 'Global Education' in Miami

In May 2014, I had an incredibly thought provoking 3 days at the British Council - Going Global conference in Miami. Themed around innovation, inclusion and impact, it was a gathering of over 1000 global attendees who shared their challenges, successes and ambitions for the progress of internationalised higher education towards our world's development. I joined four super cool innovators and education experts in the closing plenary. We shared our thoughts on the next steps  and explored questions around the evolution of tertiary education globally and what this means for future generations.  Our session is in the link:


UPDATES - what I am up to

'Impossible Engineering' fav! fav!

I first got involved with Two Four's 'Impossible Engineering' series in 2014 and it has very quickly become one of my favourite! Engineering TV series. With some incredible 12 episodes now, it is engaging, informative and takes viewers on an incredible journey around the world. From fast trains to super cool airports, bridges and mighty dams, it is THE perfect way to connect to the engineering wonders that are such an instrumental part of our daily lives. Yesterday TV (in the UK) and Discovery's Science Channel (in the US) have aired both series and I will definitely recommend it if you get the chance to see a rerun. Enjoy! 



I am excited about African development and her role in our world's development. I am keen on engineering in Africa and facilitate discussions on how engineering can and will contribute to the development the continent's growing economies. I challenge myself to take on opportunities to be a contributing part and always on the look out for ways to  work on the provision of infrastructure/amenities in developing areas. I am also always looking for ideas and opportunities to contribute to social wellbeing through appropriate engineering and technology solutions.  

Hanging out with the fab BBC R4 Woman's Hour team #Girls&Engineering

I always enjoy my time with the WH team and love the fact that they are interested in talking about the fact that we need more women engineers. The link shares some of the thoughts expressed the last time I was there.


Designing my future holiday destination

Over almost the last year I have been working on a dream project; designing a place that now features at the top of my holiday destination list- a hotel and waterpark resort with fun rides and Dolphin interaction. It has been the most incredible year working out of the  Arup Shanghai office, desigining, piecing and bringing together the aspects of design to ensure a great experience for all of the resort's guests. When it is all up and running- I have my money on it being one of the best in the East. I still can't get over how international the design team is and it has been great to see things cohesively come together despite the many time zones.

Pilot Plants, Television and Awards

The last 5 months went so quickly! I blinked..and that was it it..gone! Again, so much to be grateful for. For a couple of months, I had a great time designing a research laboratory. I was dreaming of specialist water and highly toxic waste water treatment for days after I completed my work on the project. :-) 

As that -and a couple of other things were going on, I filmed a super cool TV series on amazing engineering with a UK based TV company, in Shanghai.  I will definitely be sharing once a transmission date is set. 

Yay! a big thank you to PRECIOUS AWARDS for the humbling recognition of Outstanding Woman in STEM. The work continues. Thank you!